Why bean to cup coffee machines?

Why Bean to Cup?


Easy to use

Make a great-tasting coffee at the touch of a button. Simply add the coffee beans of your choice, and the machine will do the rest, grinding the beans and dispensing a perfect, consistent cup of coffee every time.

Little or no training required

Introducing any kind of change to a business can be daunting and time-consuming. With our fully automatic bean-to-cup machine, though, there's little or no training required, meaning no staff downtime and no disruption.


Fully automatic

With no need for a lengthy manual process, our fully automatic machines will grind, brew, add milk and deliver a range of coffee drinks quickly and efficiently, all at the press of a button.

Completely consistent

With manual coffee preparation, small variations in brew time, water temperature and grinding time affect the taste of the finished drink. Bean-to-cup coffee machines are designed to serve high volumes of coffee, delivering the same great-tasting drink time after time.

Suitable for self-service locations

With their simple operation and ability to dispense high volumes of drinks, bean-to-cup coffee machines are perfect for use at self-service locations, where customers can serve themselves with high-quality coffee without the need for a member of staff.

Fast dispensing ability

Bean-to-cup coffee machines delivery a high quality coffee in seconds, making them ideal for high-volume areas such as busy offices, reception areas and retail outlets.

Clean and compact
Taking up far less space than separate grinding and brewing machines, bean-to-cup coffee machines are neat and compact, ideal for those with limited space. As they're self-contained, automatic machines also require less cleaning.

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