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Moo Milk

Moo Milk 500g Packs.

10 x 500g in a case

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Moouw is a new milk powder developed with the single purpose to match fresh milk in aroma and taste. The right milk taste is impossible to match with the classic toppings or skimmed milk powders. New automatic coffee machines have for years been able to supply customers with a coffee drink quality that easily lives up to coffees served from traditional machines. However, the milk based coffee drinks are still lacking behind in the taste experience when using powders. For that same reason quality minded customers have often chosen a fresh milk system despite of a higher machine price and all the hygiene and maintenance problems that comes with it. Moouw Milk solves this problem with its aroma and taste of fresh milk which gives that creamy and soft aftertaste that good milk must have. This performance is based on the unique mix of skimmed milk and full fat milk powder, which are not found in any other powder products on the market today. Moouw is a quality dairy product made in Denmark, and offers you the delicious taste of fresh milk!

Taste and aroma performance compare with fresh milk
New product and only of its kind on the market
Increased powder sales vs. fresh milk systems where distributors often miss out on the milk sales.
Storage and shelf life advantage vs. fresh milk
The product’s Cow pattern design

Moouw facts and recommendations
Mix of skimmed milk and full fat milk powders
10 x 500 g per case, 60 cases/300 kg per pallet
Shelf life 12 Months
Dosage 12,5g / 150 ml
Temperature should be max. 88 degrees Celsius when dispensing. Higher temperatures could burn proteins, and cause changes in taste and/or white dots in the coffee due the coagulations of proteins.
Adjustment of the machine is important i.e. pulse dosage, mixing time and speed for a nice and stable froth. A high protein level is the basis of making a good froth for all milk products. Moouw has the same high protein content as classic skimmed milk powders.

Milk overview
Serving 150 ml (liquid), dosage 12,5g powder.
Fat: 2g
Protein:  4,25g
Energy (kcal): 57,5

100 g dry powder.
Fat: 16g
Protein: 34g
Energy (kcal): 460
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