Honduras ASD

Honduras ASD

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Machine Overview

Attract the public with Honduras ASD - the first multimedia coffee machine in the world! The fully automatic self-service coffee machine with integrated screen will catch everyone's attention. Offer first class speciality coffees to customers, staff and visitors at the simple touch of a button. The integrated screen is an excellent marketing tool.

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Technical Information

1 grinder for 1 type of coffee (Option: machine with 2 grinders for 2 varietes of coffee beans). 2 instant containers for chocolate and milk.Combining the 3 ingredients you can prepare a great variety of different coffee specialities in different sizes by simply pressing a button.


Width 320mm
Height 810mm
Depth 560mm

Screen Specification
- memory space 128 MB up to 1 GB
- 10.4 inch screen- screen resolution 800 x 600
- area for movies or pictures: 640 wide x 440 high
- format for movies and pictures: MPEG, WMV, JPG
- download and upload via: USB / Wifi
- presentation file: XML
- individual presentation (time-controlled)

3 kW230 V, 50 Hz, 13 A

Water Connection
R ¾“ 1-8 Bar


120 to 150 cups per hour of coffee / latte macchiato / cappuccino or 150 cups of hot chocolate or hot water for tea.

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Containers Products Capacity
1 Coffee Beans Approx. 2 kg (with 1 grinder)
(2) Coffee beans (if second grinder included) Approx. 1 kg each (with 2 grinders)
3 Instant Chocolate Approx. 1 kg
4 Instant Milk Approx. 1 kg
Connections Included
A Electricity 1.5 m cable
B Fresh Water 1.5 m armoured pipe 3/8“
C Waste Water 1.5 m spiro band

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