Rio 14

Rio 14

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Machine Information

The fully automatic Rio 14 has 1 or 2 powerful coffee grinders for 2 different varieties of coffee, and 2 instant containers for drinks containing milk and/or chocolate. The fully automatic coffee machine Rio 14 is also available with fridge to freshly prepare high quality coffees with fresh milk. New techniques are used to meet high standards of hygiene when preparing drinks, providing the best possible flavour.

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Technical Information

1 or 2 grinders for 2 types of coffee. 2 instant containers for chocolate and milk. Optional: Compressor fridge module for 10 litres of fresh milk. The combination of the 4 ingredients allows you to prepare up to 14 coffee specialities in different sizes (cups, double cups etc.), by simply pressing a button.

Width 320mm
Height  820mm
Depth 560mm

3 kW230 V, 50 Hz, 13 A

Water Connection
R ¾“ 1-8 Bar


180 to 240 cups/hour of coffee / latte macchiato / cappuccino or 150 cups of hot chocolate or hot water for tea.

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Containers Products Capacity
1 Coffee Beans Approx. 2 kg (with 1 grinder)
(2) Coffee beans (if second grinder included) Approx. 1 kg each (with 2 grinders)
3 Instant Chocolate Approx. 1 kg
4 Instant Milk Approx. 1 kg
Connections Included
A Electricity 1.5 m cable
B Fresh Water 1.5 m armoured pipe 3/8“
C Waste Water 1.5 m spiro band

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